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Creed fragrance is a well-established brand and famous for its wonderful scent. But its prices are so high that a common man can’t even think to touch it. The question arises why is creed so expensive? There are many reasons behind this. These fragrances are super quality that no other famous brand bothers to reach its status. The quality of Creed reflects in the price.

Creed brand is a symbol of brilliance, legacy, and prestige. Due to its name, each perfume from Creed has steep price tags.

Even its cheapest perfume starts from more than $500. Creed has a legacy and earned value from its name. This well-established brand uses primordial methods to make its perfumes and obviously, this antique product will have some value.

Each process during making this wonderful perfume is highly monitored. Some reasons why Creed perfumes are so expensive are discussed below.

Factors Why is Creed so Expensive?


Surely there will be reasons behind it why this brand is so expensive and most people can’t afford it. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

Well-established perfume Brand:


Creed was established in 1760 by James Henry Creed. Initially, it was a tailoring brand that supplies different fashion products to Londoners. But as time passes, it enters into the fragrances industry. The brand was not available to the public till 1970. It means no one can buy it from 1760 to 1970 except for a few lords and patricians.

It is said that King George III was one of the early clients of Creed. At that time, Creed manufactured “the classic Royal English Leather” especially for the highness of a king. In short, Creed has history and has the right to make such expensive perfumes and its fame is still as it was before.

Unique Creed Perfumes:


Every brand has some unique specifications that make it popular. Each bottle of the perfume created by Creed has a different taste and a different story to tell. Only a single bottle of perfume has a smell and the other bottle doesn’t smell like the first one. It means you can say, no other perfume will have the same taste that the first one has. And on every purchase, you will get a unique smell. This quality makes it a unique brand from other famous perfume brands.

Top Class Quality:


Creed utilizes top-class materials to get a unique perfume. Highly quantified and then hand mixed. And then extracted by applying a unique extracting technique. The components used in it are really impressive and have their own history. So, this thing makes it highly-priced. From super quality material to unique processing, each and everything is top quality and levels the standards of a top brand.

Organic Materials:



Using synthesized materials is strictly forbidden in Creed. Only Natural elements are allowed to use. Only natural organic material is utilized to derive the world’s best quality scent. That’s why Creed’s perfumes last for long and more it doesn’t have a tinge of alcoholic smell.

Primordial Methods:



Creed is a very old brand and making scents for 250 years. Obviously, they have some perfume-making techniques which they utilize to extract perfumes. These techniques are only known to Creed and nobody knows how they process to extract scent from organic material. For making perfumes, Creed might train some employees but they don’t allow independent persons to do so.

No one publicly knows how Creed makes its perfumes. But you can guess how quality perfume it will be. They are using techniques to extract perfume about a century old. From that time till now, Creed perfumes are best.

Manual production:

Human power and skills add beauty to the brand. These are the Creed values which has still maintained the legacy method of producing perfumes. Since 1760, there is still the same method used to produce perfumes. Their first step is weighing and mixing natural organic materials, and then move to the next step of extracting process.

As said earlier, Creed has its own unique method of extracting process, here this process starts. At this stage, a unique fragrance is created. That’s why its products are so unique and make a certain feeling in you.

Popularity among Celebrities:

It is the best way to promote your brand through actors and film stars. You obviously give your product to use them. Similarly, Creed has promoted its fragrances to celebrities.

Creed has flourished them and the magic of Creed makes them go back and buy new Creed fragrances when their stocks have been finished. Creed perfume is the best manufacturer of premium perfumes for royalties and legendry men.


Creed has a legacy and it is its marketing. Creed has a proud history and it is associated with its marketing. Creed is associated with famous celebrities and nobility sponsorships for advertising.

Is Creed fragrance worth the money?

If you go to the shop and buy a sample of Creed perfume. Surely it will impact your wallet but let’s buy that fragrance. You wear it on daily basis and enjoy it. Now, you don’t want to use any other fragrance because you are now addicted to Creed and no other perfume will suit you better than this. That’s it, Creed has absolutely worth the price.

When you buy any Creed perfume, it will let you feel that it has worth every penny. It is packaging in bottles and the design is just amazing. Every smell of Creed will feel you the worth of price. The strength of organic high-quality ingredients will make it long-lasting on your body. A little amount of perfume will go long way and a bottle will last for a longer period of time. Conclusively, you can say that Creed fragrance has worth the money.


We have discussed all the factors that make it too expensive. Now you can judge that Creed fragrance worth the money. No doubt it is too expensive, and the reason of so costly is what we have discussed. We have presented a clear picture to you to decide whether it is a loss deal or worthy.

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