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When you buy a perfume impressed by your friend’s scent, It doesn’t smell the same like on your friend’s body. Then you might think, why does perfume smell different on everyone. You smelt a unique scent on your friend, but when you buy it for yourself, it was like put it on an old dog. And also sometimes when you go to the shop and smell a perfume on the paper blotter, It smells terrific on it but doesn’t same on your body.

The most important thing is that when you invest in a perfume, it should work properly as your expectations. It should be like an extraordinary perfume that no one can say to you this perfume isn’t made for you. To choose a perfect bouquet for your body, always try it applying on your body, not on the paper blotter. So, the problem is why a perfume doesn’t smell the same as you expected it would. What are the factors or reasons behind it? Some factors that
depend on it are discussed below to answer your question.

Oily Skin:

According to research, Most perfumes are made with such ingredients that are oil-friendly or attracted to oil. It’s essential that your skin is moisturized. Oily skin can hold top notes of your skin for a long time and also exaggerate some aspects of your perfume.

Certain ingredients in your perfume can make you upset when it is applied to oily skin. It is researched that when perfume is applied on oily skin, its particles become more intensive that could be dangerous for your skin. Some sugary notes like vanilla might be useful for your oily skin. But light citruses are suggested as they work really well on oily skin.

Dry Skin:

If you have dry skin, then it will react differently as it responds to moisturized skin. You should moisturize your skin before applying perfume. Most people apply perfume right after the shower as it clears a thin layer of natural oils made on the skin. After moisturizing your skin, avoid using products that tend to overdry the skin.

As dry skin is thirsty, it will absorb the perfume which will be applied to the skin. And it will not be as good a fragrance as you want. For better results, moisturize your skin and then try to apply the perfume. Use quality moisturizers that your body will absorb well, and then apply perfume. It will show you a great result.

Skin pH:

Skin pH also depends on the smell of perfume. As it is an individual matter, it varies on different skins. Many skins lie on the acidic side of the pH scale, and many lie on the Alkaline side. If your skin lies on the acidic side, you can get rid of it quickly if you have conditions of eczema and diabetes, which affect your skin pH.

The perfume will perform differently according to the pH of the skin. Try to use some skin products that can balance your pH. There are also some lotions and soaps are available on the market that can balance your skin’s pH and make it alkaline.



Actually, many foods and drinks affect your skin and how the skin smells. Some of the highlighted foods or beverages are alcohol or garlic made foods. If you go wild on these foods, it will turn your skin garlicky or alcoholic afterward. If you want to work your perfume to show the best results, then try to avoid or use a small quantity of these products.

Right Fragrance:


It will be great if you get a perfect fragrance that matches your personality and lifestyle. But your skin type, season, and time of the day matter a lot. If you have dry skin, then try strong notes like oriental and spicy. These can work correctly on your skin and also very suitable for the winter season. Because in the cold, perfumes cannot evaporate at that pace.

But on the other hand, if you have oily skin, then go for citrusy fragrances. As mentioned above, citrus is better for oily skins, and citrusy scents will suit you better. Choose that fragrance that is according to your skin and fits you perfectly.

The mixture of fragrances:


Some people are addict to fragrances, and they use different products daily. Typically people use or come through 5 products at least, having different fragrance smells. Some of these are body wash shower gel, shaving cream, hand wash, moisturizer, and soap, etc. When all of the fragrances mix and apply your perfume, it will give you a smell that is not as original.

Try to use that type of product whose fragrance is not overpowering. Use all products but choose that one with a soft scent and does not affect your perfume’s original smell.

Sense of smell:


Sense of smell is also a matter of how you smell a thing and smell it after a time. If you have a smelling problem, then it is your defect naturally, and you can’t blame perfume.

Also, the environment depends on it. As a store, when you smelt perfume, it had a taste that is not the same as it has at home. It is due to when you were smelling at store different type of molecules in air enters along with perfume, and you sensed it. But at home, there are different types of molecules in the air, which changes the smell.



The concentration of different oils in perfume matters. And it is a factor of other fragrances. The pure perfume will high the highest concentrations. If you find any scent that you like, you will probably want to know its concentrations.

At last, each perfume has its taste. If a person smells it differently, it depends on different factors described above. Try choosing a perfume that will suit you and perfect to apply on your skin. You can stay fresh all day long if your favorite perfume is put on your skin.

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