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There are many expensive perfumes available on market. But when you can’t afford them you probably think where to get free perfume samples. If you can’t afford to buy, certainly you will go for a free. Another aspect is that when you want to buy an expensive perfume, you are not sure it will work for you or not and probably you want to try a sample before buying it. Obviously, everyone has their own taste and it’s your right to try first before purchasing a whole bottle.

Where to get free perfume samples
Where to get free perfume samples


Free perfume samples are a great way to try premium perfumes for free. There are many brands that offer samples of particular perfumes and you can select and order them with free shipping at your doorstep. These samples are offered by Gucci and other famous brands. You can test these samples and then you can decide whether you should buy a full bottle or not. Mostly, perfume samples, fragrance samples, and cologne samples are offered. A sample vial is not very cheap itself. Its worth is about $25 on Amazon.

So, here we will discuss what are the methods and how can we get free samples by utilizing these methods. Let’s start

Online Free sample:

Online Free sample

There are many sites that keep an eye on free samples available online and information to online users. Freeflys is one of them who provide this service. They gather information on free samples available on the web. And also from campaigns of free samples that are run by perfume brands timely.

You can have a chance to get the free online sample, just fill Site’s sign-up form and subscribe to their services. As brands will upload a sample, as you will get the update and can get it quickly. Many brands offer limited free samples but there are a lot of people who try to have one. Apply for the free sample as soon as possible so that you don’t miss it.

There is also a company that offers a lot of online perfume samples. That is Sopot. Samples offered by it are luxurious-size vial perfume samples which they ship very fast.

Another website named PinchMe sends free samples by mail. They ship free and no credit card info is needed. You can get many free samples of perfumes and other products.

Sample from the store:

Sample from the store

This is the best way to get a free sample quickly. You just have to ask for it. Many famous stores, probably your favorite stores, like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Sephora provide you a free sample on demand. Even if they don’t have it available in stores, they will make it available from other locations right there.

On Request:

If you like a product online by its ingredients and want to test it, you can request to the company by reaching out to them. Simply go to their website and explain to them how you like their brand and you want a sample of a certain perfume. You will be amazed how the company will respond to you. Don’t forget to write your mailing address in the email. Because it is possible that they will respond to your mail and send you a sample.

Beauty product tester:

Beauty product tester

Many famous cosmetic companies need consumers who will test their samples and provide them feedback. Companies gather feedback delivered by testers and improve their products. To avail feedback, companies send free samples to testers and get feedback in exchange.

So, it is the best way to collect a free sample. Just consider yourself to participate in testing consumers and enjoy free fragrances samples provided by the company.

Scour Social Media:

Scour Social Media

When it comes to advertising or branding a company, social media can’t be ignored. Many fragrances run their campaigns on social media as it has a great potential for customers. Companies post different deals, discounts, or coupons to attract customers from social media. Eventually, they post free samples and giveaways for their customers.
Don’t forget to follow your favorite perfume brand on the social media platform. And keep an eye on all updates on their page.

Perfume sample from the magazine:

Perfume sample from the magazine

You can also get a free sample from the magazine. Mostly, samples in magazines are sprayed on a folded piece of paper. When you unfold the paper, you will smell it. It is a great way when you want to buy perfume and you get a sample to smell. But you can’t put this sample on your skin. It will be a great idea to put this sample paper on your laundry to make everything smell good.

Sample by Amazon:

Sample by Amazon

It’s right that you can get a free sample from Amazon. All you have to do is sign up for their free program and choose categories for which you want to receive samples. All your data will be on amazon. When a seller needs to promote his product, he will send you a sample.

Explore Hashtags on social media:

On social media, not only official pages of perfumes give free samples but also many store’s pages do so. Explore social media especially Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook. Go in hashtags and explore posts by different people to find out a special post having a free sample of perfume. For example, search #freeSample and explore it.

Write reviews for free samples:

Write reviews for free samples

Writing reviews on branded perfumes is another way to get a free sample. This time, you have to sign up and write reviews. Also, you answer product surveys. And sometimes, many companies who keep an eye on free samples hire you to work for them. As you work for them, they will give you free samples and help you to build up your collection.

Swapping with others:

Swapping with others

It will be fun to swap your samples with others. There are many groups on social media where you can get someone with you can change your sample. As the perfume swapped is often a second hand, be ready for the ending of your sample. The idea behind swapping a perfume is you can wear a sample that you have not by swapping with others.

Concluding it, you can get a sample if you have a will. Follow all the above methods and we are sure you will get a new free fragrance sample to try out.

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