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The first question that arises in your mind would be this for some solid cologne is a normal thing used for the daily routine life, and some this is an entirely new thing to get acquainted with.

The solid colognes are the concentrated balm that melts at your fingertips for direct application to the skin.

Solid colognes are contained in the tin in the form of a balm.

How To use Solid Cologne
How To use Solid Cologne

Solid colognes are made up of beeswax, shea butter to add variety to the scented balm. These balms are then rubbed to your neck, chest, and arms.

For designing a Solid Cologne, the complete emphasis is on making every surface of it a pleasant feeling to use.

Solid cologne is natural to use when compared to liquid cologne. They are delicate and urbane scent.

Solid colognes are easy to carry as they are known to be travel friendly and far easier to apply at the same time.

The durability of solid colognes is very trendy as they can be put in the gym bags, pockets, bags, and travelers as they don’t require much space to fit in.

Here are the few steps that can explain how to use solid cologne.


The first step is the most important and the easiest of all the steps mentioned in this article. All you have to do is to put the tin in your hand and then by using the index figure and the middle finger along with the thumb. Place the fingers in the bottom of the tin and then flip the tin-top with your thumb.

Revealing fragrance:

This is the second step towards the application of the solid cologne to your body parts. The tin might be confusing for the new users as you have to open the box with your thumb. As the lid is open, all you can see is your cologne ready for you to use.


Try not to dig the cologne out of the tin box as we all know that the lesser the perfume you apply on to yourself. The more attractive you smell to others. Applying more cologne as recommended will infuriate the nose of yours as well as others in general.


After you have opened the tin and taken the cologne out on your fingers now all you have to do is to gently apply the cologne to your pulse points. The pulse points are the neck and the wrist area. And after you applied the cologne at the pulse points, the body will infuse the with cologne and gives you the longlasting freshness of the cologne.


Now, after the application of the perfume to your pulse points and you started to get the freshness out of your body parts, all you have to do to complete the cycle of using the solid cologne. By using the thumb, all you have to do is close the tin for future usage.

Last but not least is the final step in which you place the tin of your solid cologne near to you so that you can use the same whenever you wanted to use it.

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