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Wearing the right Best Creed Cologne 2022 that fits your personality benevolences you in the finest yet elegant light, whether you are ready for a special occasion or a casual night out with family and friends. The Best Creed Cologne for men makes you stand different and tall among the people you are standing in between.

best creed cologne 2022
Best Creed Cologne

A Quick list of Best Creed Cologne 2022

# Preview Product Rating
1 Creed Aventus Cologne, 3.3 Fl Oz Creed Aventus Cologne, 3.3 Fl Oz 45 Reviews

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  1. Creed Aventus Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best-Selling Perfume, famous for fruity, woody, sweet, leather, smoke. Check Price &  Full Review
  2. Creed Green Irish Quantity 3.4 OZ, Best for Spring, Citrus, ozonic, powdery, woody, aquatic Check Price &  Full Review
  3. Creed Millésime Imperial Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best Overall, marine, salty, citrus, aromatic Check Price &  Full Review
  4. Creed Silver Mountain Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best Winter Cologne, green, musky, woody, citrus Check Price &  Full Review
  5. Creed Original Santal Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best Unisex, aromatic, warm, spicy, woody, fresh spicy, balsamic Check Price &  Full Review
  6. Creed Vetiver Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best for Casual, woody, citrus, aromatic, powdery, earthy Check Price &  Full Review
  7. Creed Himalaya Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best for Fall, citrus, musky, woody, amber Check Price &  Full Review
  8. Creed Royal Water Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best Citrus, fresh spicy, aromatic, green, fresh Check Price &  Full Review
  9. Creed Royal Oud Quantity 3.4 OZ, Most Trendy Scent, woody, musky, soft spicy, citrus Check Price &  Full Review
  10. Creed Virgin Island Quantity 4 OZ, Best Summer Cologne, citrus, coconut, sweet, vanilla, rum Check Price &  Full Review
  11. Creed Bois Du Portugal Quantity 3.3 OZ, Best All Day Cologne, woody, aromatic, fresh, spicy, powdery, floral Check Price &  Full Review
  12. Creed Erolfa Quantity 4 OZ, Best Family cologne, woody, green, fresh, spicy Check Price &  Full Review
  13. Creed Viking Quantity 4 OZ, Best for all-weather, green, citrus, fresh, spicy Check Price &  Full Review

House of Creed has a history of manufacturing the best, high eminence and innovative scents for their customers. They have a long-range of fragrances for everyone. With this, you have a stylishly placed fragrance that promptly attracts you and drives you to the brink of having it instantly.

A right kind of fragrance draws the attention of all present near you while wearing the right fragrance. The one that suits your personality and occasion whether casual or formal. They are best in business for brewing high-quality colognes accredited and acknowledged by celebrities.

 I – Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus

“Best-Selling Creed Perfume”

Creed Aventus is a product that stretches to you as a daring, prominent, and masculine fragrance impeccable for any romantic event.

No products found.

The Creed Aventus is one of the top-selling Best Creed Cologne 2022 in the brand’s history.

This cologne is excellent for special occasions; the reason is it has a long-lasting, strong aroma that is destined to attract people to you

. And with a high price tag, you may turn around, but this scent’s longevity and sweet scent will genuinely value the money spent on it

Top Notes: Bergamot, Blackcurrant
Middle Notes: Pineapple, Vanilla
Base Notes: Jasmine, and Birch
Strong Aroma
Romantic nature

High price
No other cons found


 II – Creed Green Irish

Creed Green Irish

“A distinctive fragrance but the elusive aroma, the journey between day and night”

It is a simple yet secure fragrance. This perfume by House of Creed is extensively popular with celebrities because of its vivacious and prominent fragrance that stands out.

No products found.

Top notes of lemon verbena and iris virtually sends you to the Irish countryside.

You can also smell notes of violet leaves, sandalwood, and ambergris, which help provide balance and give a fruity, fresh scent.

The Green Irish Tweed incorporates floral and woody scents that can leave heads turning.

Peppermint and violet leaves are reminiscent of meadows, cut grass, and a gentle sea breeze. This is a sporty, fresh fragrance.

Top Notes: Lemon, Indian verbena
Middle Notes: Peppermint, and Violet leaves
Base Notes: Sandalwood, and Ambergris
Day and Night Perfume
Gentle sea breeze feels
Elusive Aroma

Strong Lemon Citrus
No other cons available


 III – Creed Millésime Imperial

Creed Millésime Imperial

“The best overall. Noticeable but inoffensive, and a very versatile scent”
Creed’s Millésime Imperial is a unisex Best Creed Cologne 2022, ideal for those who love citrus perfumes.

No products found.

Balanced with sparkling citrus notes, a heart marine accord, and a warm base of amber, musk, and sandalwood, it is a salty, musky, and fresh scent.

Because the perfume mimics sensations of the seaside area, it is best worn during the hot summer month.

Creed’s Imperial Millésime perfume is a fun and refreshing cologne that is neither serious nor formal.

The cologne allows you to add a natural touch to your scent while creating a warm and whimsical mood around you.

Top Notes: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood
Middle Notes: Salty, Musky
Base Notes: Fresh scent
Summer fragrance
Citrus fragrance

Strong fruity scent
No other cons available


 IV – Creed Silver Mountain Spray

Creed Silver Mountain

A casual fragrance perfect for all. Top notes of the Silver Mountain Water include Bergamot, neroli, mandarin and blackcurrant, green tea in the middle, and sandalwood and musk at the base.

No products found.

The cologne attracts different reactions from different people with a majority ranking it as a cool and refreshing fragrance.

The Silver Mountain Spray is great for any occasion or weather condition and boasts 6 hours’ longevity.

Those looking for a fresh, clean fragrance will be hard pushed to find a better option than Creed’s Silver Mountain Water.

Inspired by the freshness of mountain air and the purity of alpine streams, it uses cool notes of citrus, green tea, blackcurrant, musk, and sandalwood for a reviving masculine scent.

Top Notes: Silver Mountain Water include Bergamot, neroli
Middle Notes: Blackcurrant, green tea
Base Notes: Sandalwood and musk
6 Hour longevity
Any occasion
Any weather fragrance

Some claim it a depressing scent
No other cons available


 V –  Creed Original Santal Cologne

Creed Original Santal

The Creed Santal is a unisex fragrance with a low price budget for the customers who don’t want the colognes to hit their wallet hard.

No products found.

The scent is a combination of different woody, floral, & fruity notes that make it stand out from the competition.

And while there are different notes combined with balancing and giving it a sweet scent, Creed Santal’s most recognized scents are aromatic, spicy, and woody elements.

The Santal has the most masculine components, but it still compliments a woman’s natural scent perfectly.

Top Notes: Aromatic, spicy
Middle Notes: Woody
Base Notes: Floral, & fruity
Unisex perfume
Spicy and woody elements

Strong aroma
No other cons available


 VI – Creed Vetiver Cologne for Men

Creed Vetiver

This perfume is fresh and clean, with fragrance notes of Vetiver, ginger, and cedar. It is not a strong cologne, but the scent radiates masculine fragrance to a traditional gentleman vibe, which is flawless for the evening.

No products found.

This perfume has a budget-friendly price, which makes it a customer choice who is looking for a reasonably priced cologne, and it is equally ranked in the Best Creed Cologne 2022.

Creed’s Original Vetiver shines a spotlight on Vetiver, reinterpreting traditional versions by using all three parts of the plant as opposed to just one.

Reminiscent of summer, it leaves an alluring freshness on the skin with top notes of Vetiver, mandarin, and bergamot, heart notes of white pepper and coriander, and base notes of sandalwood, Vetiver, and musk.

Top Notes: Vetiver, mandarin and bergamot
Middle Notes: white pepper and coriander
Base Notes: sandalwood, Vetiver, and musk.
Budget-friendly cologne
All-weather fragrance

Vetiver aroma
No other cons available


 VII – Creed Himalaya Cologne

Creed Himalaya COLOGNE

The Himalaya Scent by Creed is a masculine Best Creed Cologne 2022 for daytime wear. It has a perfect blend of grapefruits, aromatic woods, musk, and lemon.

No products found.

The unusual mixtures of the fragrance give it a natural and tempting aroma that will assuredly draw commendations from the people around you.

It does not last for long and will, therefore, compel you to spray at least three times a day depending on your preference.

This setback is fortunately compensated with the scent’s overall quality. It is a citrus, woody fragrance.

A lethal combination of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin, the fragrance gives way to warmer, spicier heart notes of pink pepper, cedarwood, Vetiver, and gunpowder for a masculine, signature scent.

Top Notes: Bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin
Middle Notes: Pink pepper, cedarwood, Vetiver, gunpowder
Base Notes: Aromatic woods, musk, and lemon
Masculine scent
All-day long longevity

No other cons available


 VIII – Creed Royal Water

Creed Royal Water COLOGNE

The Creed Royal Water is a brisk masculine Best Creed Cologne 2022 perfect for men in their late 20s and early 30s.

The scent generates a romantic sensation and makes an appealing personality for anyone who wears it.

No products found.

Best cologne for a romantic date or any other formal event. It has a masculine gentleman feeling.

It is a timeless, elegant fragrance that uses uplifting notes of gin, lime, and Scottish pine along with rose and tuberose for an aromatic unisex fragrance.

Top Notes: Gin, lime,
Middle Notes: rose and tuberose
Base Notes: Scottish pine
Pros: All weather fragrance

Strong masculine
No other cons available


 IX – Creed Royal Oud Millesime

Creed Royal Oud COLOGNE

Creed Royal Oud Millesime is a new fragrance. It is a sincere spicy perfume steeped for men and women with top notes of lemon, bergamot, and exotic pink berry.

No products found.

Middle notes of the scent comprise cedar, angelica root, and galbanum with sandalwood and Tonkin musk as base notes.

These elements cartel to give you a stable scent with citrus and woodsy notes. Most Trendy Scent, woody, musky, soft spicy, citrus notes that held the main features for the cologne.

Top Notes: lemon, bergamot, and exotic pink berry
Middle Notes: cedar, angelica root, and galbanum with sandalwood
Base Notes: Tonkin musk
Spicy perfume
Stable scent

No cons available


 X – Creed Virgin Island

Creed Virgin Island COLOGNE

This is a modest and eccentric Best Creed Cologne 2022 that creates a nostalgic vibe. The fragrance has a normal price range. It is simply vibrant.

No products found.

This unisex scent is inspired by the outlandish sea breeze and clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

Fruity notes of bergamot, crisp Jamaican lime & Sicilian mandarin composed with floral coconut and ylang-ylang, it smoothly captures the fragrance of the tropics.

Top Notes: Bergamot, crisp Jamaican lime
Middle Notes: Sicilian mandarin
Base Notes: floral coconut and ylang ylang
Unisex perfume
All season perfume


Strong aroma
No other cons available


 XI –  Creed Bois Du Portugal

Creed Bois Du Portugal

“A rich, sincere fragrance yet archetypal. Suited for both office and bar”

This is one of the finest fragrances for men. The perfume has a charming scent that lasts to harvest a lot of consideration and confident appraisals from buyers.

Creed Bois Du Portugal, 1.7 Fl Oz
16 Reviews
Creed Bois Du Portugal, 1.7 Fl Oz
  • Country Of Origin: France
  • Item Package Dimension: 1.6" L x 3.6" W x 5.6" H
  • Item Package Weight: 0.55 lb
  • Ingredients: Creed bois du portugal woody spicy...

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It has an oriental and woody fragrance that highlights a man’s masculinity while still hinting at his softer and romantic side.

This is the Best Creed Cologne 2022, with notes varying from woody, aromatic, fresh, spicy, powdery, floral as they show.

This is an all-weather cologne and a unisex scent as well which is liked by both sexes at the same time and has very positive feedback regarding the scent while wearing it.

Top Notes: Oriental and woody, bergamot
Middle Notes: Lavender
Base Notes: Sandalwood, cedar,
Soft aromatic

who doesn’t like soft
No other cons available


 XII – Creed Erolfa

Creed Erolfa COLOGNE

The Sofa is a thrilling fragrance created by Oliver Creed. It transcends Mediterranean seas and carries a fragrance that depicts a happy family man with a generous nature and a loving character.

Creed Bois Du Portugal, 1.7 Fl Oz
16 Reviews
Creed Bois Du Portugal, 1.7 Fl Oz
  • Country Of Origin: France
  • Item Package Dimension: 1.6" L x 3.6" W x 5.6" H
  • Item Package Weight: 0.55 lb
  • Ingredients: Creed bois du portugal woody spicy...

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A fun adventure with your family tries this one for the more exotic feelings.

Top Notes: Lime, ambergris, bergamot, lemon
Middle Notes: Cyclamen, ginger, pine tree
Base Notes: Cedar, sandalwood, musk

Fun-loving aroma
Summer season scent




Creed Viking COLOGNE

The fragrance of the fearless spirit for exploration of the modern world. Crafted after the longships of Vikings.

Its top notes are Pink Pepper, spicy mint, bergamot, with middle notes consisting of Lavender, sandalwood, Sicilian lemon, and the base notes are Indian patchouli.

No products found.

This is an all-weather and all-season fragrance suitable for the fiery men every day of work.

This fragrance was prepared in recognition of the 13th century Vikings for their exploration and fearless nature with that they ruled.

Top Notes Pink Pepper, spicy mint, bergamot
Middle Notes: Lavender, sandalwood, Sicilian lemon
Base Notes: Indian patchouli
Casual and formal wear

Strong fiery aroma
no other cons available


Buying Guide

The House of Creed cologne voyage began in London in 1760, over 250 years ago. Today, Creed endures to handcrafted unique best Creed Cologne 2022 for royal houses and the public. Creed’s scents are imaginative and idiosyncratic, ideal for sharp fragrance lovers who are considering for exclusive perfumes.

They use only the premium natural elements, which have been hand-selected from all over the World.
This makes them super expensive.


 1.     Is Creed cologne value the money?
Yes, creed colognes are surely worth it. Though, all colognes are not the same in price. Few are of advanced quality, that’s why their prices go up.

2.     Which is the best-selling Creed men’s cologne?
The Creed Aventus rests one of the top-selling fragrances in the trademark’s history with its rich fruity smell.

3.     Why is Creed cologne so expensive?
         Quality is one and the only reason they’re expensive. Additional is that they wisely control distribution.

4.     Does creed Aventus ever go on sale?
         Yes, Fragrances Go On Sale. If a fragrance like Creed Aventus has a 40% deduction, it would be 40% off of a $350 fragrance.

5.     Which is the most expensive cologne?
         According to Guinness World Records, the most expensive scent is Clive Christian that is commercially available.

6.     Which cologne does George Clooney wear?
         George Clooney a superior choice, Clooney wears Mediterraneo Carthusia, an exclusive scent inspired by the luminous coasts of Southern Europe.


Creed is one of my preferred and favorite fragrance houses. The scents are reliably well made and it’s infrequent that they come out with a new cologne. Creed Aventus is the most selling brand from the house of Creed while Creed Royal Oud Millesime is the most exotic fragrance. House of Creed colognes are high-quality and kept for decades like this.

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